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[08 Aug 2007|10:52pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

okay so the last time I updated was like May 1st!!! :O:O

and i was such an lj whore, but i got sick of lj and was very busy!

oh and my layout before SUCKED ASS and this one does toooo!

its so messed up but its temporary, i'll get myra to make me one when shes done with her MUTHERFFINGWEDDINGNESS#%#%#&%^(&*(&$@#!!!

im soooooooo tiredd, my heads spinninggg

what did i do today?

iiiii went shopping, then i got a haircut, then i went to andrea's house and then we stalked michael [=

'cept not really.



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-but I know our filthy hands can wash one anothers and not one speck will remain... [19 Mar 2007|03:32am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

'cause I have nothing better to update about -

Minus 1% for everything that you've done. Then repost as your %. [start with 100%]


2.Drank alcohol

3.Cried when someone died.

4.Been drunk

5.Had sex.

6.Been to a concert.

7.Given a handjob/gotten a handjob.

8.Given a blowjob/gotten a blowjob.

9.Been verbally sexually harassed.

10.Verbally sexually harassed somebody

11.Felt someone up and/or been felt up

12.Laughed so hard something came out of your nose

13.Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend before

14.Been cheated on by a boyfriend/girlfriend.

15.Been to prom.

16.Cried at school.

17.Gotten lost in a WalMart or a department store.

18.Went streaking.

19.Given a lap dance.

20.Had someone of the opposite sex in your room

21.Had someone of the opposite sex sleep over.

22.Slept over at someone of the opposite sex's house.

23.Kissed a stranger.

24.Hugged a stranger.

25.Went scuba diving.

26.Driven a car.

27.Gotten an xray.

28.Hit by a car.

29.Had a party

30.Done drugs.

31.Played strip poker

32.Got paid to strip for someone.

33.Ran away from home.

34.Broken a bone.

35.Eaten sushi.

36.Bought porn.

37.Watched porn

38.Made porn.

39.Had a crush on someone of the same sex.

40.Been in love.

41.Frenched kissed.

42.Laughed so hard you cried.

43.Cried yourself to sleep.

44.Laughed yourself to sleep.

45.Stabbed yourself.

46.Shot a gun.

47.Trash talked someone and then acted like their best friend the next day.

48.Watched TV for 9 consecutive hours.

49.Been online for 9 consecutive hours.

50.Watched an animal die.

51.Watched a person die.

52.Kissed and/or messed around somewhere with at least 1 person present.

53.Pranked somebody.

54.Put somebody in the hospital.

55.Snuck into someone's room and/or your own room after being out.

56.Kissed somebody of the same sex.

57.Dressed punk.

58.Dressed goth.

59.Dressed preppy.

60.Been to a motocross race.

61.Avoided somebody.

62.Been stalked.

63.Stalked someone.

64.Met a celebrity.

65.Played an instrument.

66.Ridden a horse.

67.Cut yourself

68.Bungee jumped.

69.Ding dong ditched somebody.

70.Been to a wild party

71.Got caught stealing something.

72.Kicked a guy in the balls.

73.Stolen a boyfriend/girlfriend from a friend.

74.Went out with your friend's crush

75.Got arrested.

76.Been pregnant.


78.Been to another country.

79.Started your house on fire.

80.Had an encounter with a ghost.

81.Donated your hair to cancer patients.

82.Been asked out by someone that you never though you'd to be asked out by

83.Cried over a member of the opposite sex

84.Had a boyfriend/girlfriend for over 3 months.

85.Sat on your ass all day

86.Ate a whole carton of ice cream all by yourself

87.Had a job.

88.Gotten cut from a sports team.

89.Been called a whore

90.Danced like a whore.

91.Been mistaken for a celebrity

92.Been in a car accident.

93.Been told you have beautiful eyes.

94.Been told you have beautiful hair

95.Raped somebody.

96.Danced in the rain.

97.Been rejected.

98.Walked out of a restaurant without paying.

99.Punched someone/slapped someone in the face.

100.Been raped

My percentage = 100 - 58 = damn it. *thinks hard* [yeah, math's my weakness.] 42%
is that good or bad? well, the questions didn't make too much sense..

you do it. yes you.

so brown eyes I hold you near,
'cause you’re the only song I want to hear,
a melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

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[17 Mar 2007|06:53pm]

allyssia. <3
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[27 Jul 2005|07:33pm]
this is from MYRA'S livejournal cuz im too lazyyyyyy (so mOIra wrote it all):

Saturday + Sunday + Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday(Today) = Shooo much fun with Narmeen
*okay, first of all Narmeen moved into a new BIG ASS house with 6 BEDROOMS!! and 4 HUMONGOUS washrooms!! awww i want a new house. yeah so, house is really nice and BIG.
It was my uncle's birfday and it was fuuun. my mommy made these things - its like peaches with whipped cream mmm sho yummy, me and narmeen fought over the last one. and narmeen got total crazy and dropped chocomolate cake on her super 'tight + white' pants and it had this big ugly stain on it but then it got off -- no worries. and since my parentals and narmeens parentals were togeter and beign all parental (aka MEAN and SCREAMING at us adn PSHYCO lol jokin) we got screamed at. Especially narmeen, she's a bad little girl and getting into too much trouble with her mommy tsk tsk tsk *shakes head* ANYWAYS so we went up and we started talking about how we can sneak out ur window because its SUPER KOOL and its like in movies where the girl runs away with her bf or sneaks out. thenn Narmeens sister were beign ANNOYING so narmeen told them she has to tell me a big secret and she hid them in her HUMONGO closet and lol we ran away lmao and then we came back and just kept on stuffing them in there.Ha :) wooooo.
so inthe morning/night(1:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m.) we went on tdot www.tdotwire.com <- extreme ghetto site (its like ratedesi(sana :P) but in the 't.dot' version ) and narmeens ghetto friends have accounts so on it so we, actually NARMEEN made an account called 'nude-whore' where she insults her friends( not her friends, people she knows from school) which is RUDE but they she says they deserve it cuz they're meaniesss. then we woke up really late (1:30p.m.)and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG narmeen got a boyfriend (his name is SAHIR!) and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ok no no first letme tell he whole story ... when she moved in sahir like welcomed them and stuff and then on sunday she sees him at the park(in the afternoon) and stuff right and he fully ASKS HER OUT and of course she says yes but she started cracking up which looked really RUDE lol and here comes the best part ..EEEEE... sahir has his cousin over from new york-eeee- for vacation EEEE and his name is fawad EEEEEE and OMG we were TOTALLY flirting .. he started it!!!!!!!!!lol he is SO h-o-t-t(yes with 2 T's) and yes big time flirting going on but OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG so hot!!!!!!!!!!!! -but of course not hot as toad- *sighhhh* toadddd*starts daydreaming*
lol ANYWAYS ttotal joker time in the park where little kiddies go to enjoy their childhood and we go to flirt with hot guys :D ..hey its canada..no that doesnt make sense .. YO FACE doesnt make sense lol.. so we came back and we were really tired because we came back from the park and youre supposed to be all tired cuz you've been swingin on swings, slidin on slides, and monkeying on monkey bars but OBVOUSLY we were tired cuz we had been flirting with hotties, sexying our bodies, and hornying ourselves.
yeah so even though we were tired we went to sleep at 4:00!! and again ....
...woke up at 2:00p.m. and we went to this plaza place narmeen has near her house and omg the cashier guy there was SO rude cuz u see there was opened candy there right? like those jellies and stuff and then theres like lollypops which are wrapped, and all i did was just pick up a lollypop and the guy started screamign at me!! hes like 'why are u '''touching''' the candy and putting it back?' so STOOPID its not like i was cootying it or anything and there was an effin wrapper on it ..JEEBUS .. i swear the god i got so pissed i just got out of the shop and didnt buy anythign but narmeen gave me half her freezy which SUKED BOOTY ..of course becaus it was from HIS shop. urgh. lol and he was also like ' what are you 17?18? and acting like a kid?' that was soo wierd because i wasnt wearing ANY make up AT ALL wooooo i finally look older or maybe than man really seriously IS screwed.o_O
OHHH and here comes the funnestestest part of teh day!! ... so u see narmeens rents were out and we had been planning on being bad (sexy and dangerous is our new motto) so we went into her rents room, locked the door, took off our clothes - lol jokin, so we went into her rents room, locke dthe door, and this time DID NOT take off our clothes lol, and theres this BIG window in there room and it leads to the little roof thingy over the garage and we open the window and we are like COOL WE CAN GO ON THE ROOF so we hurry and climb out, i go first because narmeen is a CHICKEN *buck buck bu cock* aka ''chicken sound" but then i had to pee so we climbed back in then i peed, felt like i was on cloud nine, then we climbed back out and we sat on the roof and itw as sooo fun and niceeee and we were just about to have our 'deep meaningful conversation' until NARMEENS PARENTS COMEBACK and omg omg omg because they couldve seen us SO easily and THANK GOD narmeen saw the car (shes deaf but thank god not blind) and narmeen goes back in speedy quick and then i run back in too like REALLY fast and then i got huuuurt :( :( and i have this big bruise on my back and under my armpit and it hurtsss :*( :'( :( ..but it was SO much fun that we HAD to do it again but we couldnt do it in the same room cuz her parents were in tehre and it would be totally stoopid to do it while they are sleeping especially if we could get caught lol ahhah BUT remember narmeen had kool windows tooOoOo?????? well we just hung out of those and it was really funny cuz we did all this stoopid stuff and we COULDVE went on the roof but it was in front of this BIG ASS window lol and u can like see everything from it and we would look stoopid just sitting there and someone sees us lol but we still couldnt do there because we had to do a mini jump and that would be like risking our preecious lives, at least MY precious life :P and plus we were chickens buck buck bu cock* aka ''chicken sound" but yeah and then when we came back in her room lol we were SOOOOO hyper and we just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed for no reason and we read that magazine cosmopolitan lol SO dirty .. but we now have good knowledge how to give pleasure to our man *coughfawadcough* and turn him on and how to rub our fingers on his nipples EW lol oh and we know that our breasts are normal, well at least in a healthy way but maybe not in size ^_^ we named ourselves ' the small booby girls' haha lol no no NARMEEN came up with that .. i mean DURRR!! and narmeen is just so obsesed with Tera for some reason so heres a message ' HI TERA!!!!!!!!!!<3'

We went shopppppingggggg and we saww a drag queeeeeeen and we were hyperrrrrrrrrrrrr and yeah lol ... Narmeens like 'LOOK MYRA I JUST SAW A DRAG QUEEN THAT LOOKS LIKE MRS.DOUBTFIRE!!' lol but it was SO rude cuz all these gangsta guys were passing by and they started making fun of the drag queen adn im like thats so mean and then narmeens like yeah THATS SO RUDE really loud and the guys are just like 'huh? yeah? what? huh' and then narmeen screamed at them and they were kinda hot except we looked kinda ugly but thats okay we still have our natural beauty going onnnn :D
ok so narmeens mom brought soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOoOoOoOooOooooooooooooooooooooooo much stuff from walmart and we had to carry 3 karts with us and it was funny on the escalaor oh oh and i brought a whole package with these kool colorful push pins (for my bootyful bulletin board) and these big paperclips and other stuff and IM HUNGRY omg narmeen eats so much and shes so fukin skinny GOD!

Played videogames, ate FOOOOOOOD(chips adn cookies and milk), watched blindateee, laughed our asses off, and ate space pops ..* oh and tomorow i am going to my gramas house and narmeen might come which means MORE SEXY AND DANEGROUSnessness
you guys i would really appreciate if you leave a comment because i am in SUCH a good mood right now :D hope you guys are all having a fabbbb summerr <3

bye tera <- from Narmeen

* a message to sana: you made narmeens day with the 'online nikkah; hahahahaha SO funnny we laughed our asses off lol '786 blings' hahahaha
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[24 Jul 2005|05:01pm]
[ mood | hot ]

long time no updateee
well i moved! and and and very busy with taht and my cousin is over and SHEILA and KAYLA are posed to be overrrrr but sheila has her gayass job and kayla is jjust..being kayla so yeah
anywhoOo i am watching this indian movie called 'jeans' and its really stoopid and noone knows hot wo act but the story is okay and the songs are good ..its an indian movie. hmm ive been watching indian movies alot lately. I AM SO FUKIN HOT its SO hot in my house the stoopid ac is so stoopid.
ok me and myra have to go look for hot desi guys BYE.
p.s. kayla CALL ME

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me + myra + saba + toad = 4somee [17 Jul 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

satruday = SO MUCH FUN!
me and myra at wonderland = total stoopidness + fun
staring at toad = sighhhhh what can i say?

okay there is SO much to say so ill just do the good/fun

parts and the bad/boring parts! and the rest of it will be in paragraphs


-> myra and narmeen's adventure at wonderland was

totally awesome!!!!!!!
-> i went on my FIRST roller coaster
-> for someone like ME its very surprising to ME that i

went on tomb raider as MY first roller coassterrr!!
-> went on a total of 7 rides: tomb raider, vortex, drop

zone, timberwood falls, thunder run, wild beast, pirate

ship (twice)
->tomb raider: when we were going up i was like omg omg myra TALK TO ME!! and shes like talkign baout some ghosts and then just before the ride started im like 'im gunna dieeeeeeeeeeee' and then hahaha myra screamed the WHOLE time while i was QUITE like realllyyyy quitelol o.O and yeah i didnt open my eyes at all except the parts where we went upside down and at the end i was SO proud of myself and i just bragged and bragged even though myras first roller coaster was top gun..SO SCARY but shes .. differentt *rolls eyes*
->votrex: yeh bla fun scary ..didnt open my eyes exscpet when we went 'down' and i kept tellign myra it goes upside down and she said no sso we waited for like years for the ride to come and when it did ..like always myra the nerd was right jknn
->drop zone: ride is 5 SECONDS! except when we went up it was SO scary im like when is is gunna stop going up and then i look up twice and it still keeps on going up and then it stops and then it felt like it was gunna go down so i kinda screamed but it didnt and then again it felt like it but it didnt and then it finally went and i obviously didnt scream nor did i look but myra was so quite because those five seconds were WIERD AND WAYY SCARY
->timerwolf falls: we got SOOOO WET lol it took FORVER to dry adn my pants were HEAVY
->thunder run: it just goes round and slants and then u go in a cave with lots of stuff and it goes twice ..fun .. not for myra of course:P myra should be sexy and dangerous- well maybe the sexy part ..hmm......................
->wild beast: SO BUMPY ..it was so painful and achy but fun .. i dint wunna go on it first but then myra forced me and my goal WAS not to be a chicken
->pirate ship: REALLYa boring for the one and only myra and thats why we went on it twiceee:P but yeah there were these 3 people and they are SO funny i like cracked up the whole time ..shes like 'my baby' lol im like wtf? but yeah afterwards and i turned aorund and told them they were really funny and she like puts this HUMONGOUS smile on her face lol
yes so basically i cant really tell u which ride was the best or worst .. cuz they were allll fun (for me) and myra didnt get to go on jet stream .. i mean HELLO? tahts so fukin scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy NOWAY i would only go on that with my boyfrienddd/husband :)..too bad myra isnt.

ok so like after going on all the rides we went back to help and


THERES THIS TTAL HOT GUY THERE!!! he was BOILING with hotness holy shittttttt and he looked pretty old and i wanted him and myra to hook upppppp but hes likes still too old and then im lik hmm maybe saba can get married and i am like YES YES YES omg omg SHE CAN SO GET MARRIED TO HIM!! but myras like .. then we all will love him and it would belike a foursome hahahahha SO JOKEZ AND FUN!!

MY BODY IS ACHING EVERYWHERE .. my neck(alot, my arms, my thighs, and the side of my ass(alot) and i think its beacuse of that stoopid wild beast rideee UGH

and myra IS right i always talk about me too but kayla and myra are the onnly ones that read this!!! and leave a motherfukkin comment if someone else reads this ...dun care whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

ughhhhhhh i have so much packinnnnnnnngggggggggg to do only if MYRA oculdve stayed overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but NOO wait no its not her fault her mom didnt let her lol nevermindddd but YOU BETTER COME LIKE ON MONDAY and why isnt ur lj's entry working? its not showign up(the wonderland one)
hmmmmmmmmmm ..anywhooooooooo oh kayla we HAVE to go to wonderland except if go with you you would like pull me on to eveery ride an du thought only myra could do that but ... youre kayla ..HELL YEAH u could do that .. OH and tell sheila the link to my lj tooooo arent u at HER house? anyways we should definetly go and jordan and suzie have a season pass so they can go tooo and well i only wanna go if my cousin comes too..but yeah SO MUCH FUN if we went

so byeeeeeeeeeee hope u all r having a FAB summerrrrrrrrrrrr .. i am ^_^ ..so farrrr

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[15 Jul 2005|02:55am]
[ mood | o____O ]

My name was: ... umm... Narmeen? xD

I could date: uhhhhhmmmm someone i like?

I could be this when I grow up: a fashion designer or or or a make up artisttttt

I could be better friends with this person: Myraaa... -__-; lol

I could change this about me: ... my jealousness XD

I would change it to: ... not being jealouss? o.o

If you had the choice to spin around the sun, or walk on the moon, which would you choose and why? walk around the mooooooooonnnn DUHH cuz moons are romantic heh .. suns are hot and wierd .. oh and u can bounce on moons weeee

What colour do you think best describes you and why? ummm...ummm..purpleee cuz its gurly + funn

Do you know what your element is? If so what is it? Umm I think Wind... or something

Do you know your astrological sign? If so what is it? umm its like an M in cursive with a long tailll
Do you believe that your dreams are a gateway to your soul? ... kaylaa? what is this?? ok umm what if u always have nightmaresssss lol no well yes i guess i doooo

What is your most vivid dream? Uhmmmm the world endingg - judgement day wait no thats scaryyyyy ... x_x; *shiverr*-

If you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing and why? Hmmm letsee SHOPPING IN PAKISTAN WITH 5000000000000000 RUPPESSS with moiraaa

If you could only choose one element to surround yourself with either a)wind, b)fire, c)earth, or d)water, which would you choose and why? earth - because earth is cool xD

Would you ever share you heart completely with someone else? If yes, who, if no, why not? NO beacuse i am just not like that

Who runs circles around your mind? ... me. no umm im tryign to be HONEST so lemme thinkk ... the guy i likeee ..psh i might as well just say his namee -_- .. oh and myraa

If you had to paint a self-portrait would you make it a)realistic, b)abstract, or c)you'd rather die than have to pick up a paint brush? Explain your answer. abstracttttt .. definetlyy cuz first of all i am so good at it lol and then second because it will symbloize me and my personality much betterrrr .. then just a plain old painting of my face XD

Which do you prefer more and why, a)natural light, b)candle light, c)florescent light, or d)moonlight? mooooooooonlight becayse its just so nice and bright and freakishly orange too lol.

How about fate? Are we all fulfilling a destiny here on earth? wellll i really think about all this but i definetly think that we DOO have SOME purpse here on earthhh

Who is the most thought-provoking person you know, and why? Hmm elida and myraa - .. and its cuzz i have quite a bit of deep-in-thought conversations with themm well mostly with elidaa but i guess my cousin too now taht i see her moree

Who is the most inspiring and why? well thata HARDDD to day cuz everyone is inspiring to
to me .. at least in SOMEE way :D

Have you ever written or drawn on another person? yesss lol on elida i wrote kiko+lida all overrrrr ..me so funnyy ..ok FINE ..she hated it lol but then its okayy cuz its all gooddd :)

Right now is your life spiralling, or ascending? Why? Actually, for once, right now I feel like I have it all under-control.o-o; <- KAYLA? omg what a LIE but i think my life is ascendingg ..yeppp i am acheiving some goallss .. i guess

f you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why? ..uhhhh what did i do in the last 24 hours? oh yes i KNOW when i was playing soccer i WISH i wasnt goalie becuase now knees are all bruised and i have to do some volunttering thing on saturday and its gunna hurttt

What can someone do to you that would turn you on fully, physical or mental, or both? O___O...lool thats such a kayla question!!!! umm make me laugh ?!lmao

Do you prefer sleeping outside beneath the night sky, or your cosy bed indoors? Why? awwww that would be soooooo cute ..omg i wunna loose my virginity outside beneaththe skyyyyy!!

Name one person who's changed your life for the worse. ... ummmm sanelaa .. i was this TOTAL nerd and a boringerer but now i am soo happy and hyper and :D all the time ..well most of it ..i think but yeah i just love it. n_n

If you knew you were going to pass away within the next few days, what would be the last thing you say, and who would you say that to? Only oooone person? UGH i HATE these questionnnnnsss hmm 'i <3 you so muchoss(lol, MYRA) and i have always loved u more than u thinkkk' to... sumoneee. o__o; *cough**

Do you believe in heaven? If so what do you think it will be like? umm well i am not suree if i dooooooo but yeah i think its just gunna be like a dream come truee ...u get EVERYTHING

Would you rather a)run through a sunflower field, b)jump inside a waterfall, or c)hike through the woods? Why? o.o JUMP INSIDE A WATERFALL!!! cuz its dangerous and sexyy and kayla .. RUN THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD is sooo freakin flowery and country girlyy lmao AND so not youuu plz tell me thats the wrong answerrrrr

What is one thing that can make you smile no matter what mood you're in? umm nothing reallyyy ewll i cant think but a video tape of jordan doing almost anything would work XD

If you could meet anyone, past or present, dead or alive, who would you meet and why? hmmmm my grandfatherr i am always so curious and its just sad and i just wonder what hes likeeee^^

Have you ever written poetry? Have you shared it? Yeeeees OMG i wrote all these extremely suicidal poetrys and HELL NO i have not shared them cuz i know trish would be mad at me and i miss trish <3 ..if ull ever read this .. someday ..one day..forget it

Do you believe experimentation can be a good thing? Why or why not? lol haha that reminds me ' Sanela: lets alll experiment down there' in the washroom with alex elida and vanja hahhaha

If you had the ability to change one thing about the world, what would it be and why? umm no killing people or like wars even though i am not really the peace type of people but yeah i actualy for the first time in my life (jokin) feel sorry for the future for a world war 3 or just any random ppl dyingg

If you could go back in time, where would you go, what would you do, and why? errrrrr i unnnnnnnoooooo hmm well theres so many things and some are just personall -but 'approved by kayy lol - xD

What is the most bizarre thing you've ever done to yourself? umm thats personalllll tooooo but letsee something non-personal would beeee ok seriously dunno i odnt do 'non-personal bizzare things' to myself

*Tough Questions*

What song best describes you? Noooo clueee ..umm is there a song called i luv being stoopiddd, sexy, dangerous and hyper by 's.s.d.h.'

What famous person do people say you look most like? No oneee butt i have been told i look like mishca bartonn lol whihc is SO nice except shes pretty and i am not pretty .. im SEXXXyyy

If you could relive any moment of your life, what would it be and why? i honestlyyyyyy dunnnnnnoooo x_x

What do you think is your best quality? I'm stoopid/. ^^ * stoopid means fun and kool in the narmeen dictionary for narmeen loversss

What do you think is the best quality a person can have? ummmm nice cuz i like nice peopleee ..even though i dunno too manyy

What is something you've always wanted to do? get trapped on an island with myra, teddy and the guy i likeeee <- i ALWAYS daydream bout that

*Different Questions*

What one song do you think is overplayed? umm beautiful soull definetlyyy

What's the highest score you've ever ''bowled''? ......... ive never 'bowled'

Describe the weirdest pair of pants you own. these loose ugly dark dark navy jeans form pakistan which one day i was trying to force myra to wear but she said her stomach is too biiiiigg o__O

Do you have anything written on your hands right now? -checks- i have some nailpoish marksss

What is the weirdest conversation you've ever had with anybody? ummm there are manyy like wiht mr.wells, my dad, elida and myra -the people i am close to or at least USED to be close to -

Describe the funniest part of a movie you've ever seen. umm form stepford wivesss that breast thing was just jokes .. i cant rememebr anything funnnierrrrrr

Are you wearing socks? If so, what do they look like? ewwww socks in the sumemr is GROSS .. i dun even like to wear socks in hte winter

What's your most prized possession (an object) that you couldn't live without? uhhhh all my diarys cuz they have TOPPPP SECRETTTTT stuff .. nobody has ever even SEEN them hahah

What do you think was the hardest question on this survey? all these are stoopidddd no but i think this is bettert then beforeee

Now tag 6 people to do the same survey! Mehhh if anyone wants to ...they can , but im not forcinng anyoneeeee :)

THAT WAS LONG. O_____O but not BORING like the last oneee

ok its like REALLLLYY late but ill so a quick update ummm on mondayyyyyy i went to sanooos and hahha we played poker and got drunk with beer chocolatesss lol and i saw her old best friend(which i am to be) and it was fuuuuuun and she showed me all her sexy clothes and we dancedxD and looked at grad picss and i talked to her dad and yea tomrowwww lol haha i mean on tuesday she left :( i didnt even get to day byeeeee cuz of stoopid ass myra ..jokin but HAVE FUNNNNNNN if ure ever gunna read thissssss

oh and i saw kayla and lmao so funnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee ..lol our song .. -sheila thinks we are gay! but thats total okay!some of it omg kayalaaa ure such a song stealerrrr!!!lol

and then my cousin came over on monday and we had humongous deep talk and i think was just like relaly opened and comfy and got alot out of meeeeee :D another gooal achieved!! i guess if taht was a goalll o_o

and on saturdayyyyy i am doing some muslim day volunteer thing with my cousinnn for like half teh day but well go on ridesss:D i am not scareddddd .. i gueeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss

oh and my dad started his video editing for the 2 musicvideos hes releasing this september and i m just so proud of him and hes so kkool XD .. best daddd .. and i get to help him by telling him whats stoopid and whats sexyyy .. i cant wait till he gets the copy of te other video - the one with the sluttyy girlsss lol-

oh i am also mooovingggggggggg...soooooooon

im sleepy so monkmonk

* and myra for ur stoopid big assness i answered every question in MY wordsssssssss.ask kaylaaaaaa an it took FOREBERRRR

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[10 Jul 2005|11:25pm]
[ mood | bouncy - oo bouncyYyYy ]

1. Kissed your cousin: umm okay it depends WHO but yeah i kissed lots in pakistannn
2. Ran away: nope.
3. Pictured your crush naked: HELL YEAH
4. Skipped school: HELL YEAH
5. Broken someone's heart: HELL YEAH (with kayla and for kayla *wink wink*)
6. Been in love: HELL YEAH
9. Broken a bone: yupp. HELL YEAH .. my right arm and well it was more like a HUGE crack
10. Done something embarrassing: HELL YEAH .. all the time:P
11. Lied: to the parentals.
12. Cried in school: yea .. sniff sniff

13. Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
14. Sprite or 7UP: sprite is way to carbonated and 7UP is gross.
15. Girls or Guys: guys because u can trust em more. girls can be too gossipy ..heeey that reminds me of someone
16. Flowers or Candy: candy .. durr
17. Scruff or Clean shaved: clean? lol.
18. Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes ..durr
19. bitchy or slutty: BOTH
20. Tall or Short: tall cuz im kinda tall.
21. Pants or Shorts: hm. pants r cute but so r shorts. id hafta say pants thoughh
22. Night or Day: Night is just better.

23. What do you notice first: personality? eyes? lol
24. Like Being Spanked: ok NO
25. Worst Question For HIM/HER to ask: do you love me? or.. do you still think about your ex?
26. Showered: heck i hope so.
27. Stepped outside: ?

34. Picture on your desktop: the bridge + sunset pic that came with windows.
35. Color: baby blue + light purple (lilac)
36. Movie: umm i havent really decided that yett
37. Artist or band: britney/anastacia/evanescence and for some strange reason the pussycat dolls are just so damn sexy
38. Cars: i like em fast and sexy
39. Ice Cream: plain old, good old, yummy old chocolate
41. Food: anythign spicy and HOT CHEETOS

42. Makes You Laugh The Most: jordan HAHA like ALL the time and sanela
43. Makes You Smile: all my friends :) luv u all
44. Can Make You Feel Better No Matter What: hm, all of my friends(that includes my cousins =D )
46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: HELLL YEAHH
47. Who Has It Easier?: guys.
48. Gives You A Funny Feeling When You See Them: my crush.. ALL the time

49. Sit By The Phone Waiting For A Phone Call All Night: yep im a loser.
50. Save AIM Conversations: nah
51. Save E-mails: YEAH
52. Forwarded Secret E-mails: erm.. what?
53. Wish You Were Someone Else: sometimes
54. Wish You Were A Member Of The Opposite Sex: never really thought about that but NO
55. Wear perfume: of coursee! ew thatd be gross if i smelled (which i do because of my FUKIN SWEATING PROBLEMS ..JESUS!!)but yeah i always do ..even the cheap perfumes
56. Kiss: does kayla count?
57. Cuddle: yuppp <33
58. Go Online For Longer Than Eight Hours At A Time: hahaa umm no. dont think so unless parents arent home but i have better things to do if my parents arent home winkwink

60. Made Out With JUST A Friend?: yeahh
61. Kissed Two People In The Same Day?: nope
62. Had Sex With Two Different People In The Same Day? never had sex before
63. Been Rejected?: umm no .. not really
64. Been In Love?: yup.
65. Been In Lust?: yuppers. all the timeee
66. Used Someone?: For sexual reasons? nope but for non-sexual reasons HELL YEAH
67. Been Used?: dont believe so
68. Dumped Someone?: No ..psh
69. Been Cheated On? SUZIEEE!! no jokin
71. Done Something You Regret?: ya .. no no i mean HELL YEAH like every moment

72. You Touched?: my baby sister
73. You Talked To?: myra (on the phone)
74. You Hugged?: some lady at a party yesterday and yes ABOUT THAT PARTY ..
75. You Instant Messaged?: lavanya
76. You Kissed?: my baby sister
77. You Yelled At?: my mommm
78. You Dreamed About?: i had an extremely weird dream last night (nothing new ..) but yeah it was with sanela and elida and her cousin and melinda and marsha and priya (the lunchiess lol)
79. Who Text Messaged You?: sanela and suzie (same convo)

82. Color Your Hair? 2 words : never will
83. Have Tattoos? no i wish i could ..it would be like the words 'mean' on my back right above my ass
84. Have Piercings?: yesss
85. Have A Prince albert? haha .. i dont have a weener
86. Own A Webcam?: yeaa
88. everr get of the comp? Yes.
89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?: what?. ( i think its dutch)
90. Habla espanol?: claro que si.
91. Buy Designer: i buy what i want to buy..yup

92. Stolen Anything?: yep from the pantry with KAYLA and SHEILA
93. Smoke?: like ONCE lol NOT
95. Obsessive?: yepp about my gradess (no i am not NERD i am just scared of my parentals)
96. Compulsive?: dont think sooo -isnt this te same as obssesive
97. Obsessive compulsive?: hahaha IT IS im so smart :D (wait .. it doesnt have to be ..hmm.. me so confooosed)
98. Panic?: YES ..HELL YES
99. Anxiety?: yupp. big timee
100. Stressed?: YES .. i mean who isnt stressed during SUMMER HOLIDAYS??huhh
LEAVE COMMENTS U HOS .. i dun do this shit for nothing

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a quizyy thing from jessica [06 Jul 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | cheerful-like always:D ]


1. Narmeen
2. Narmeenia
3. Meeny:P

1. forevergirl_24
2. forevergirl12
3. forevergirl_2494

1. Ummmmm that i am not fat even though i eat like a pig
2. mmy hair - sometimes its curly, mostly its wavy and usually mostly itts straight:)
3. my nails - they grow fast

1. that i have absloutley no chub for my freinds to pull on or flubber on lmaoo haha thats like form last year..can i fubebr your legs? haha lol
2. my legs .. dont look good when i wear tight pants ..which is hmm.. all the time
3. umm i dunno oh yeah the fact that my cousins ass is soooo much bigger then mine lol jokezz

1. umm i dontknow .. like a traditoin or something??hmm i dont gett itt

2. heights - like from a carnival sized ferris wheel lmao
3. ghostsssssss - even though i can talk to them and stuff but sometimes they just scare me <- lmao haha that sounds phsyco

1. food
2. internet
3. sleep

1. pink shirt with a heart on the side pocket or where your boobies go lol
2. my blue pants with a huge silver belt
3. umm a spheggti strap underneathhh

1. anastacia
2. brinteyy
3. evanescence

1. dirrty-christina
2. haunted/my immortal/going under - evanescence
3. touch of my hand - britney

1. love
2. trust/honesty <- DUH
3. happiness

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order):
1. I miss my crush SO MUCH ..like all time ..both of them lmao
2. I smoke
3. I cant wait till we move to our new house.........

1. He is so funny, friendly and he can just make me laugh all the time (like my freinds and my other love kayla winkwink)
2. His hotness/sexyness/cuteness ..even though my friends + my cousin + nilofur thinks hes ugly
3. He is smart/nice even though he is really popular .. not something you find too often

* oh and i wasnt talking about whiteboy for "preffered sex" i was talking about the other one .. thats on vacation

1. collecting stuff :)(keychains) <- its a brand new hobby
2. i love talking to people/new poeple and being surroudned by many and hanging with my friends(and being stoopid and random) and yeah ..PEOPLE! <- just love em
3. i LOVE drawing and designing different types of dresses and some of my own ideas .. i can do it all day

1. see the guy i like(not whiteboy)lol
2. get another chance to redo the last day of school
3. i want to eat HOT CHEETOS from houston texas lol

1. Fashion Designer
2. Make-up artist .. nilo says so :S
3. Demographer/demography

1. Chicago lol
2. Paris
3. Houston :( miss my old hometown + friends

1. i REALLY like xheni even though u pronounce it 'jenny' but thats KOOL
2. and i like stoopid names for girls like rose/rosey or baby/bella or just something gurly
3. umm i havent really decided all this yet so ill just think of anythign right now ..this time male..umm IDUNNO lol ill just name a anouther girl.. gina yeah thats pretty lol i liek it .. not that i will be able to name any of my children with any of these names but thats okay:)

1. tell somebody that i had really loved all my life and never got a chance to tell them seriously that i love her/him
2. meet a famous celebrity like briney or christina or brad pitt(SO HOT) or angelina
3. give my kids/husband/family ALOT of love and make them good children ... not like me .. or kayla

1. Well, I'm not a boy so yeah :-) lol

THREE WAYS THAT YOU ARE STEREOTYPICALLY A CHICK: ..oo i like that 'chick' maybe i can name my child that
1. hmmmmm my breasts?
2. long hair?
3. eyelashes? ..
see all of that is very stereotypical =D

1. BRADD PITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT duhhhhhhh since i watched mr.andmrs.smith i am in LOVE with him
2. ORLYYY aka orlando blooooom
3. umm arent there any desi celebs????? that are hot?????well myra is right..saif ali khan is hot but hes OLD and married and with children and yeahh lol.. oh oh oh i like this new actor umm he is salman khan's cousin dunno his name though but yeah okay so my answer ISSSSSSSSSSSSS angeina jolie lol.. WHAT? its not my fault shes so darn sexy

1. hmmm ALL MY FRIENDS lol..you guys never do stoopid stuff like this (except trish and my love kayla) oh and heggo lol haha
2. my parents lol
3. uhh all my lj friends which is like MYRA ooooo TERAAAAA i forgot all about her HEY she doesnt leave comments .. maybe THIS will get her attention

ok yeah lol
BYE U GUYSSSSSSS! AND TERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! wait ill just talk to her on msn:) see im so smart

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[06 Jul 2005|04:48pm]
thanks Jessica / sweetie_pie16 for the icon!!! so nice!! :D
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[05 Jul 2005|11:41pm]
i have been EXTREMELY bored lately and i did all this shyt and i found this..SO kool:

By(lj usernames) : nickrock / bradfitz

Turned on my computer, and what did i see?
my livejournal client staring back at me.
your my friend I'll add you to my list,
according to my current mood i'm pissed
as i'm currently listening to some song that's really "emo"

There are some things that you've got to know

on Live Journal, Live Journal
Chronicle your uncle's heart attack
on Live Journal, Live Journal
Making fun of your friend behind their back
on Live Journal

Customize your settings, and your profile
Click refresh a thousand times, this might take awhile
upload some pictures of your cat
and let the whole world know that you can't be ignored

all of this and more

On Live Journal, Live Journal
Mirrors on Shoes is back in full effect
On Live Journal, Live Journal
Find some new friends to infect (with live journal)

Some kids have blogs or diaryland,
for reasons i can't understand
scribble couldn't hold a candle to a livejournal paid account
what more can i say, or is that it?
besides the fact that LJ's the whip
It's time for me to log-out

There's one more thing that you've got to know

On Live Journal, Live Journal
Making fun of your friends behind their back
On Live Journal, Live Journal
Chronicle your gerbils heart attack

On Live Journal....So Live...So Journal...

Live Journal, Live Journal
Making fun of your friends behind their back
On Live Journal, Live Journal
Find some new friends to infect....
With Live Journal


oh and theres like a song like with music except thats gunna take longggg AND U GUYS MAKE LJ's PLEASEEEEE for meeeeeeee KAYLA cummon its funnnnnnnnnnnnn PLEASSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
and SUZIE lmao what teh hell is with YOUR lj?
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[05 Jul 2005|01:17am]
[ mood | loved - by kayla i <3 youu lol ]

ok so today isss .. july 4th/5th and its INDEPENDENCEDAY for u.s. and yeah .. good for them...anywhoo so i watched macys july 4th thing and mariah carey performed its like that and we belogn toether and OMG..did anyone watch it??? somebody PLEASE tell her how ot lipsync OMG she was SO bad its like DUMB especiall for we belogn otgether it pissed me off..she was being a dumb blondie and shes all like thank you thank you PSH yeah whatever
hmm well i had my grad party ooonnnn saturday ..that was fun.. i got this REALLY NICE chaarm bracelet form my grama SO KOOOOL cuz in the charms u can put picturess and i got a whoole showergel and body lotion set thing form myra+family and niloo gave me a purse and eye shadow and shit already beforeee so yeah SO HAPPY:D more presentss hmm yeah and that day we had this big discussion which was kinda ugly and i was invloved in it and now i am regretting it..yeah ... no more to say
OH YEAH I DIDNT TALK ABOUT GRADD hmm one word: FUN omg it was THE BEST DAY EVER ( ..seriously ;).. ) and the grinidng LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahaha that was soooo funny lol i cant believe i got involved in that for a while OH MY GOD lol u guys like had it going on the hwole fukkin time sheesh u al are much more hornier then i thought ..but thats okayy lol it was just very uncomfy cause there were sooooo many people like at leasttt..20 NOT including the guys lmao..but yeah VERY fun..even though i got pissed at somoen but it was all good OH OH and then sooooooooooooo sad ..the last day of school ..okmr.wells was SO fully gunna cry until stoopid dylan stared being stoopid.. nothing new.. but yeah thats when everyone started crying ..so sad.. u have no clue ..(for ppl not in the p.o.d.)-haha trish ok ill STOP
hmm yeah so im moving.. and i wunna go ot fukkin chicagooooo except my stoopid parents(DADDDDD) wont let mee.. but if go in august i guess its fine.. ihave patients (lol elida..form the quran) hahaaa ok yeah i guess i cant wait till i move? wwell i AM happy that i am gunna be liivng with nilofur and going to a nice school ..but its hard .. i mean im like REALLY close to you guys ..but u'll come visit me..or at least i will .. ill probably sneak lol:P noo im jokin..thats bad me not bad;)
so KAYLA i guess its just YOU and ME lol

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book thingynessssssss [02 Jul 2005|12:44am]
i stole this form Tera's lj.. im boreddd:| ... :
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal...along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you...

umm first book i grabbed is like a NOTEbook and i dont relaly wanna count the pages and the second page doest haveeee page 123 ..its only 49
OKAY now i found yellow pages and there is no "fifth sentence" OMFG NO BOOKSS
omfg okay okay i had to go the other room and get a BOOK..yeah ok

SO the book is called......... 'A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO PRODUCING TV - complete planning techniques and scripts to shoot'
and the fifth senetebce issssssss OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG oage 123 just has pictures of a tripod and a aldy HOLLY SHIT!!

book is called basic home studio design (wait..are we even supposed to write the title?)
and the fifth senetnce is..FINALLY... ' If you're thinking of setting up a home studio or a small-scale commercial facility, you may have to adapt a rectangular room of less than optimum proportions.

okay is that like even considerd a BOOK, its more like a guide but you know WHATTT i WILL NOT and repeat WILL not get another book .. not that u guys are interested ANYWAYS but yeah i really did ruin the concept of this whole thing,eh?
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HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE!! [02 Jul 2005|12:37am]
omg so much fun today..
we went to this place(ontario place?!?!? i dunno) and there were like all thses rides and shyt ad i went on this SCARYYY(according to me) ride and OMG i am never ever ever going to wonderland .. it will be a waste of money cuz im too chickennnn well actually its just my bodys fault..here ill tell u what i discovered today:
1) i am SO FUKIN scared of heights
2) i get dizzy EASILYYY
3) my body is really weak
4) my heart is laso very weak/small(chiken small, not giving small ;))
5) i will NEVER sit on a ride again with my sister(sid)..shes the most emabarasing person ever and i have to pay her to keep her .. 'mannerful'
6) yeah i dont know..number 6 just makes it look like i discoverd alot:D

yes so ..no more wonderland unless i do some vlounteer work thing and get $$$$ oh no wait actually a free ticket..yeah so then that woudl e okay:D
oh and there were these fire works and it was pretty stoopid but my cousin is soo funny he like kept on huggin me and pulloing my hair and he named all the fireworks( SHO cute ) yeah he is VERY adorable
so yeah it was fun today and TOMORWWWWW is my grad party and YOURE ont invited hahaha lol no just jokin .. its like an only relative kinda partyyy
OMG i MUST start .. i mean finish packign cuz my rooms is a mess.. BIG mess ..boxes and things all around
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you guys have no clue on how sad i am .. i miss u all..:( [29 Jun 2005|11:39pm]
[ mood | sad-VERY VERY VERY VERY sad ]

okay .. i am SO not in the mood for writning about the grad cuz i am gunna get all sad but today and past few days were fun with my cousin ..
this is HER entry form liek her so yeah .. rememebr SHE is writing it:
omg SO MUCH FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i went there monday night, and it was her grad on tuesday so when i came my uncles client Nilo was there and shes like a make up artist so she was doing Narmeeens nails and shes sooooooooooooooooooo nice and interesting and talks a lot so that was fun. umm then me and narmeen stayed up REAL late lmao that was fun WERE SO STOOPID ha loves it. lmao we were being SO stoopid on camera-I WANNA SEE THAT. and she made this commercial for her school SO funny. then cuz it was so effing hot we decided to sleep in her basement and i was THIS close to falling asleep but then narmeen woke me up cuz the lights went out and she was all scared lol but then we just went to the living room and slept on the sofffffffas.
then narmeen had her grad rehersal and i woke up late and hung out with my lil cuzin NAMEERAAAAAH and then narmeen came bak home and we walked to the convenience store SO EFFING HOTTTTTTTTTTT i was dying. then we came bak home and i curled her hair for herrrrrrr cuz im so talented xDD then we went to sqaure one where she got her makeup done by Nilo. then we rushed home and she got ready and
SHE LOOKED SO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was wearing a BOOOTYFUL white dress and her makeup was sooo nice and she had a french manicure and her jewellery was soooo nice and her purse was sooooooo cute and her heels were huge and she looked DAMN FINE. :) then we went to her best friends house and she looked sooo nice too she dyed her hair blonde, shes a natural brunetter, and she looked like a barbie lol.
then see cuz really each grad is only allowed to invite 2 ppl cuz of limited seating but i wasjust like im guna try and sneak in so i went with them to the highschool where it was at, and narmeen tried to sneak me in but it didnt work but then my aunt and uncle got me in so it was sallll good. aww it made me reminisece (sp?) about our grad *sighhh* and our UPCOMING GRAD WAHH!!! lol. but it was SOOOOO much fun, narmeen looked SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! cept i was absolutely BOILING in there NO AIRCONDITIONING so after sitting like that for an hour and a half my aunt and uncle left but i stayed and lmao SO FUNNNNNNNNY. cuz obvs all the grads are sitting together right and narrmens RIGHT in the front and centre but i went to go and talk to her to tell her something and shes ilke just stay with meeeeeee so i did lol and sat my big ass on the floor right in front of her lol i swear all the teachers on stage weeerr giving me dirty looks. so then i kept running in and out and in and out and all the ppl at the doors were so annoying ha but it was funnnnnnnnn and lmao her friend Ali was like in love with meeee. hes like narmeen u didnt introduce me to your friiiiiiiend. lol he was so cute. like baby cute tho he looks like hes 5.
then the ceremony was donee and i took lots of picss then their dance was at their actual school so i walked with narmeen there and lol her friends are hilarious and sooo nice. and they all looked soooooo nice and old tho lol.
then i went home and hung out with my lil cuzins theyre sooo funny. then narmeen came home lmao she scared the shit out of me newyz with her friend elida and we watched the video we made of her grad and umm then we stayed up talking and watever.
then i wokeeeeeeeeeee uppp and omfg NARMEEN U ARE SO EFFING HARD TO WAKE UP she had to go to school at 1 and i was waking her up since 11:30 and she waoke up at 12:50. that effing girl. newyz then she went to school and i hung out with nameerah again and started watching this indian movie HUM TUM omg its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good !!!!!! i love it !!!!!!!! omg the guy in it is SO HOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then i stopped watching it cuz narmeen and her friends come over. then we all went to her friend suzies house for a bitt ummm thennn we came bak to narmeeens and cleaned cuz we made the whole house so effing dirty lol but then we made a deal with my uncle that we wud clean the whole house then hed take us to dixie mall so we went to dixie.
my uncle gave us 20 dollars to spend and we spent EVER SINGLE PENNY OF IT plus alllll the change i had in my wallet. lmao it was sooo funnnn. usually narmeens the one who emabarasses me BUT NOT THIS TIME !!!!!!!! lmao she wouldnt let me go to ANY STORE the only place she watned to go to was DOLLARAMA lmaoooooo. so i wud run away from her and shed chase me lmao soo funn. and all the stores that had music on, id start dancing and shed be like omg STOP MYRA lmao soo funn. and then LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sooooooooo hilarioussssssssssssssssssssss lmoa lmao lmao. we were standing in front of some store or w/e and i put my leg up behind me ( like, you know when a girl and guy kiss, and the girl will be all girly and put her leg up? like that) and lmao i totally felt up this guys leg with my foot lmao BY ACCIDENTT lol and i was like oh, sorry! except it more came up like oooooooo0o sorry lmaooooooooooooo and he laffed at me and sed thats ok. and OMFG HE WAS SOOOOOOOO HOT ID SO FEEL HIM UP AGAIN! lolllllll. but serioslu SO HOTTT and nice!! cept he laffed at me lol but it was in a nice way! lmao i was sooooooooooo hyper and stoopid and loud and dance-y-ful. and HOTTT lollllll.

then i came home. and now im here!

but ya SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun with sexxxxxxy narmeen !!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D now

yeah so THAT was from her(yeah my cousins jokez) and now its me(narmeen) ..umm yeah i just love u guys os much and i cant beleiev i am moving and im im so sad and the template thingy of my live jouurnal SO does not go with my mood right now or will for the past few days


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heggo [26 Jun 2005|06:28pm]
LMAO hahaa heggo just came on lol SO jokez watch me say somethign..dun get mad
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need a GRAD DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [26 Jun 2005|05:56pm]
[ mood | i really dont knowww ]

OMG PEOPLE I NEED A MOTHER FUKIN GRAD DRESS!! its not my fault im so pickyyyyyyy .. i mean TRISH is too... its just that i need to find somehting not too much but not too less .. that goes for money too!! so yeah today i went shopping and i found this blue dress which is SO nice except its like 100 dollars and with tax it would be like ALOT so my mom just put it on hold and then theres this dress that my aunt got from winners and it fits me perfectly and its really nice except i want it to be more like y0uo know graduation type its not formal enough but maybe im just being dumb but thats definetly my back up dress .. AND TOMROWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW(SHUT UP i dont care about the spellign and i wont even try) I AM GOING TO WOODBINE ughhhhhh to look for more and my moms picking me up early so anyone wunna come?? except sheila? OH yeah and i am getting my makeup done for FREE buutt PROFESSIONALY at this BIG make up thign in the bay (nilo is doing it) and my hair are just like gunna be EXTREMELY straight and then curled at the bottom .. at least thats how i wanna do it andd sheilas coming with me so i wont be lonely and sheila i love u SO much ..for the grad trip and EVERYHTING and i am gunna miss u so much(and the rest of u guys too :P) and and like u know what u guys? when i am around sanela and elida and ppl i get all like omg do my clothes look fine and omg omg and everythign but when i am around SHEILA i am soooo comfy ..and kayla hill tooo i mean seriuosly i just called sheila and shes just like yeah so the winners dress is fine nad bla bla and i feel SO much better and i LOVE her for that!! and i know i have been really rude to you guys(sanela etc.) juts like rite now but I DONT CARE lol cuz i am moving and i am taking an EXREME advantage of that so yeah dont mind me U GUYS ARE STLL MY BESHTESST FRIENDSSSSS and I LOVE U TRISH!! and who else? I LOVE U SUZIE!!!!!!!!! and and and ..oh umm right now we are having a conversation wiiiithhhhh:
michael(dont know why hes even intesetded in this)
duc lol( quack quack) -no i am jokin but hes annoying.. no hes not .. its just that i am annoying and hes screaming at me for that BUT THATS OKAY!!:D
yeah so anyways i better be getting a comment on this from EVERYONE ... NAD I LOVE U ALLL!! OH AND JORDAN TOO!!!! AND EVERYONEEE!! and MICHAELLLL!! AND AND HMM VANJAA TOOOOOOOOO!! lol u guys are so funny.. lmao hahahA HEGGOOOOOOO?????? lmfaoooooooooooooooooo hahaha SHEILAA lol u guys just made my day :P LMAO

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TIRED..very [24 Jun 2005|05:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yes, once again update whore lol well actually im not but trish says so and that means i am :D
hmm letseee
oh grad trip today
n e ways ...lol so dum and funny (SANELA).. horney itches had it goin on in the bus .. and in the theatre .. and in the mall ..and in the oh u know what i mean EVERYWHERE!lol ... lotsa hot guys tooo
OHHHHHH only 3 more days of schooool
ok we have been doing nothing SERIOUSLY no work and i am LOVING it ok yeah i am SO tired and i have to go somehere again UGH bye my iatchessss ...ill add more to this LATER

$ its all about the 'ching ching' $

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[21 Jun 2005|09:14pm]
OMG lindsay lohan is SO fukkin skinny and flat in her new video 'first' WOW .... she has like REALLY lost weight her boobs are like the size of ummm well they are bigger than mine .. uhh ummm i dunno everyone has big boobies.
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[21 Jun 2005|06:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i'm an update whore, and i love it . Ohh Myy so much to do! i did not hand any assignments in including the la comic(i know i know but wait ..) AND MY ART INVENTION MY FRIENCH ASSIGNMENT(partners with ms.smartypants TRISH) andddd my ultimate schoool project!! and guess what? today was the last day of art. like the LAST day, like the ACTUAL last day, like the LAST LAST LAST day and omg i feel so dumb and i am SO failign term 3 - seriously - u now it, i have been VERY bad.
isn't it ODD how we havent discussed how school is about end in 5 FUKIN DAYS!! and i will never see most of u guys again and there s gunna be SO much crying and i know it cuz so many ppl are moving ..awww poor trish all her friends are moving(dont worry u have cathy :D) shabitcta is moving .. that might be sad for a lot of u guys cuz youll have no one to bitch at for no reason.. and blame things on. AND ILL MISS U GUYS THISSSS VER VER VERY MUCHHIESS!!(which is alot) especially my class .. at the begging of the year(term 1 ) i HATED My class, i LOATHED my class, i BRUTALIZED my class(i dun think tahts a word) but now i luv u guys soo much and this was the BEST class ver ..seriously.. im like friends wiht all of u guys, and everyone is so nice:D(except for the part where u guys dont leave a fukin bastardy comment!!) BUT the good part is my house is TREMENDOUSLY, REMARKABLY, ETROADRINARLY - and any other word that fits there - AMAZING!! i luv it and i think i like my school, but it will be hard makign new friends .. well not really .. im very talky, gossipy, -uhhh umm- big mouthed and i get along well and yeah my talkativeness can maybe attract people to me :D BUT i LPVE being a loner, i mean its so kool just being alone and just u know all alone and alonishish..yea
ok i have to go suck on a popsy BYE

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