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I’m Narmeeeen or Nim-Nim or Meeny or Neemi or whatever you wanna call me, I’m 14, currently attending high school – going into grade 10. I absloutley love music - I listen to many different genres - primarily alternative, indie, rock, rap, pop, and what not? I don't have any special skills or talents, BUT I'm sure I will.. sooner or later. I mean i have a future ahead of me yet to discover..right? I guess I'm pliable, or I was in the past and I hate admitting it now. I’m still trying to ‘find myself’, not sure what I wanna do with my future. I always have something to be confused about. I tend to get worried about the smallest things and annoy the fuck out of people with that. Literally. I LOVE my friends/cousins to death, don't know what I'd do without them. They’re my life support. I love reading books. Nothing specific, just the good stuff. I'm unquestionably moody, emotional, passionate, fun, stupid, spontaneous, and random. I always need something to worry about. I have my own opinions about different things. I waste way too much time either on the computer, reading books, or just something pointless. It annoys me like heck when I get bored, and always need something/someone to be entertained by. I eat when I'm bored, gloomy, or have nothing better to do. I'm a complete mess but I think I can hold it together :). I'll always be there for you, and I can promise you that. I change my mind a lot about things. I leave things to the last minute quite often. I'm can be really, really, REALLY stupid. Your first impression of me might be: LOSER (but that can change afterwards ;] ) I'll always tell you my opinion about things whether you like it or not:). And that doesn't necessarily mean I want yours in return. I overanalyze everything - always have to observe and make mental notes about people. I'll judge you and stereotype you, talk behind your back to Myra and then shove you in a category. I’m in love with skittles at the moment and I eat it whenever I can. I remember details. I carry my wallet around everywhere, doesn’t matter if I need it or not and I get made fun of the junk I keep in it. I DON’T drink ANY sort of diet pop/soda whatever, big NONO. I love reading over chat logs. I keep a diary. I overreact ALL the time. I love saying 'OMG' and get made fun of for saying it 24/7 by my friends =P. I make mistakes all the time, shut up- you do too J. I hate getting corrected by people, even if I know I’m wrong. I'm one of those people that always think I know what I'm talking about even when i DON'T know what I'm talking about. That's just the way i am. I'm probably not what you're looking for, but again, do you know what you're looking for? <3

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Me and Megan <3

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I love her <3 ..

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..and her <3 ..

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.. and her <3